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Louie's Bark'n Grill is Rude Dog's own homemade raw dog food. There is a bowl-full of evidence that raw dog food is beneficial to the health of dogs. Read our story to hear how we began!

Louie's Story

I know we're not supposed to have "favorites" when it comes to our pets, but sometimes we are blessed with a particularly special one that steals our hearts. I owned and trained two Yellow Labs, Buster and Bailey, before Louie came along. I loved them all, but Louie was an incredible dog. Maybe he was from a better breed of Labs, or maybe I had become a better dog handler, but in any case, he performed at such a high level that it was hard for me to keep up with him.


I had already introduced my other dogs to raw meats and was starting to see the benefits. I made the decision that Louie would be fed raw right from the start. 


The first couple of weeks Louie was on raw, he developed hot spots. I had never encountered this before. In talking with my vet and other friends who were feeding raw, I discovered that this was how a dog’s body naturally reacts to an ailment. Louie’s own system was pushing the toxins out to the surface. Within just a few weeks, the hot spots were gone and in the 15 years Louie was with me, he never again returned to the vet due to an ailment. His teeth never needed cleaning, his breath was good, his coat was shiny, his eyes were clear and his heart was strong!


As Louie got older, I continued to get compliments that he did not look his age. No gray hair and he never slowed down. Louie was a working dog and I was being told by other dog handlers that I needed to retire him at the age of nine. However, he was still working just as well as or better than most dogs half his age in his field. I finally retired him at the age of 12 and I lost him a few years later as he quietly laid down under a shade tree—the same place I always took him as a puppy.


In 2008, Louie's Bark'n Grill made its debut while Louie was in the prime of his life and living large. I had no doubt that even though we exercised daily, it was his diet that largely contributed to his success and a happy and healthy life. After watching Louie and my other dogs thrive on this Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF), I felt compelled to share my incredible results—and food—with other dog owners looking for a natural dog food alternative.

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