The BARF Diet

As I stated earlier, I’ve been feeding raw for many years—even before the invention of the Internet, which meant that I had to actually go to the library to learn about it (try finding a book on that subject!).  Well, I did, and with the help of a few of my dog training friends, I began my quest to find a better, more natural alternative to feeding my dogs.


I figured since I was already spending so many hours training my dogs, why not spend a few extra minutes preparing them a healthier diet? 


For those who just want to take the easy way out, the dog food industry thanks you a billion times over.  

Dry foods are prepared by a process called extrusion. This process uses high temperature and pressure to convert the original ingredients into a crunchy kibble.


Although you may start with the best steak, fish, and vegetables available, you’ll end up with a food of little nutritional value after cooking them under these conditions. This could be why your dog continues to eat your leather shoes—they taste better!


This process also limits the type of ingredients that can be put in the food … carbohydrates turn crunchy while the high protein foods turn to dust. Thus, the amount of quality protein in these foods is limited by the process used to generate the kibble.

Long-term use of kibble will inevitably lead to health problems in your dog. Common clinical conditions seen at veterinary clinics are related to the ingestion of kibble and no fresh, whole foods. Chances are, if your senior dog has allergies, it’s more than likely due to the food you’ve been feeding him. Skin problems, ear and digestive issues, obesity and even emaciation are oftentimes due to feeding poor quality kibble.

Why do you think your vet prescribes boiled chicken, rice and other raw vegetables when your dog isn’t feeling well? Answer: it’s easier on their system. Why just not feed them what always makes them feel better?

Benefits of Feeding Raw

         Smaller, firmer stools, healthier skin and coat, reduced allergy symptoms and better weight management are all benefits your dog will be able to take advantage of. One of the first things you will notice about your dog on a raw diet is less waste!  Often owners notice this during the second week of feeding the raw diet. With my food, you will see a large reduction in the amount of waste from your dog because your dog’s body will naturally absorb the nutrients and process the foods better leaving less to discard. With my meals and your dog absorbing all the food, you will also need to feed less.  For a large breed dog, only 8 ounces per meal may be all you need.  This, of course, will vary according to the lifestyle of the dog. 

        Cleaner teeth will also be a result of feeding raw.  The dog food industry uses chemicals to get the dog food to stick into shapes and sizes they want.   This allows the food to also stick to your dog’s teeth - which then leads to bad breath and the build-up of plaque and tartar.  

Moisture is an important ingredient in the digestive system of your dog’s body.  Moisture is practically nonexistent in kibble dog foods.  Most likely once your dog eats his kibble he will then drink an overabundance of water to quench his thirst.  Once that water mixes with the dry kibble in his stomach, all kinds of processes happen.  The food expands and can cause gas, an upset stomach which can lead to vomiting and even bloating which can kill your pet.  All of my meals contain over 60 percent moisture which will naturally help your dog's digest system work properly. 

What's Missing in Dog Food?

What Louie Can Do For You!

We make everything fresh and only use ingredients that we would feed our own dogs. We have multiple meals, both Chicken and Beef based. We put the convenience into feeding a raw diet into your choice of 5-pound bulk bags for multiple dog owners, or easy to feed 8oz patties that are equal to a cup of dog food.  My meals stay frozen and all you need to do is thaw and feed.  That's it!  Traveling with your canine companion?  No problem.  LBNG can vacuum pack the number of meals patties you need for easy travel and feedings. 


Here at Louie's Bark'n Grill we also have a large variety of supplements to help tailor to your dog's health needs.  If your dog is a working dog or just family pet chances are it will need some extra supplements to continue their healthy lifestyle. Using Dog foods with these "added" vitamins don't allow you to make sure your dog is getting the correct dose.  Adding supplements to your dog's meal will again allow you to tailor to your dog's needs and or lifestyle and promote a longer lasting lifestyle. 

Why not just add these vitamins to my dog food? Again, it gives each owner the ability the only give their dog what it needs and not to overpay for what they don't need.

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